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Our 1749 Legacy Society

Named for the year in which York County was founded, the 1749 Society was created to recognize those individuals whose estate planning includes a gift to York County Community Foundation.

1749 Society Members

Dale A. Ahmuty
Mary Lou Alsentzer
Judy Alwine 
J. Kerr Anderson* Janet M. Anderson
William and Sanfra Anstine
Josephine D. Appell
Margaret O. Bailey* 
Romaine Bair*
Deidra Bare 
Susan A. Barry
Richard L. Beck*
Lyn L. Becker
Kathryn and Lester W.* Bentz Jr.
Sara J. Bers*
Mildred K. Binder*
Albert G.* and Judith V. Blakey
Beatrice S. Blatner*
Dorothy and Eugene* Blevins
James V. Blouse*
Michael Alan Bose*
Michael and Alice Marie Boustead
Robert Bowen
Robert H. and Barbara E. Boyer
Dave Brady
Ralph J. * and Charlotte J. Brooks*
Richard H. Brown
Pete and Meg Brubaker
Mary S. Buchart
Timothy and Rochelle Bupp
James C. Bush* 
Katherine K. and Warren C. Bulette
Don and Marla Butcher
Dennis Cacciola
Royce and Linda Campbell 
Royal A. Cannon Jr.*
Thomas and Rita Capello
William and Ann Carter
Martin L. Chapman 
Michael J. and Catherine Q. Christopher
Sean K. Clark
Jay Glyn Conard
David R. Confer and Susan D. Krebs 
Jane M. Conover
Jeanette B. Cook*
Maria Musti Cook 
Hazel P. Currier*
Lynne M. Danyo
Linda and Dave Davidson
Jane and Harrison* Davis
Helen B. DeMarra*
Dianne A. Detwiler
Alma H. Diehl*
Ann and Burnell* Diehl
Bryan E. Diehl*
Donald and Jill Dietrich
Sharon Dorn
Jane Ann Baublitz Eckenrode
Robert D. and Pamela S. Eichelberger
Polly Elliott
Erda G. and Robert W. Erdos
Kathryn Erdos*
Bertha M. Evans
Marsha Everton and Jack Stover
Charles G. Eyster*
William M. Eyster II
H. Fred Fickes*
James Donald and Wendy Watts Flinchbaugh
Arthur* and Margery* Freas
Philip R. Friedman*
Rodger K. Furse*
Edgar I. Garrett*
Richard T. Giblin
Milton H. and SaraAnn Lehman* Gingrich 
Michael L. and Catherine A. Gleim
Deborah Gogniat
Donald Gogniat
Bernard and Doris Gordon*
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Graybill III
The Hon. Robb Green
John F. Grove, Jr. and Teresa I. Grove
Ted and Jonell Hake
Catherine Halsted*
William R. and Irene A. Hartman
Ken and Judy Heaps
Kristen and Stacey Heisey
James M. Henderson Jr.
Suzanne B. and Richard B. Hershey 
Ronald L. Hershner, Esq.
Perry A. Hildebrand 
Roy and Norma Hiller
George W. and Martha Z. Hodges
Anne C. and Benjamin A. Hoover II, M.D. 
Susan E. Hoover
Ernest O. Horn Jr.*
Louise D. Hummel
Perry* and Virginia Innerst
Caroline F. John* 
Mike and Ellen Johnson
Leslie and Jill Jones
Nourhan Kailian 
Betsy Keefer 
David and Beverly Kennedy 


*  We remember

William H. Kerlin Jr. and Kim Kerlin
Chester I. Kimes*
Alan and Rhoda Kingston
Anne W. Kinsley
Morton E. Kise
Nancy Klahold
Loren H. and Faye W. Kroh
Charlotte R. Langione*
Henry and Dorrie Leader*
Joe* and Flossie Leckrone
Melanie and Terry Lehman
John R. and Pamela A. Leonard
Evelyn A. Lightner*
Dr. Michael G.* and Wanda M. Linebaugh
Kathy Livsey
R. Kenneth and Grace S. Long* 
Russell E.* and Louise M. Long*
Samuel W. MacBride*
Edwin P. Mangold*
Elsie L. Marstellar*
Joan Maruskin
David and Betsy Meckley
Kendall and Eric Menzer
Marvin Mernick
Drs. Edmund and Esther Miller
Glenn and Carol Miller
Susanne M. Motter
Donald T. Murphy Jr.
S. Edward Murphy*
Ruth A. and Ralph C.* Nace
Raymond L. Ness*
Bob and Lynn Newcomer
Suzanna Anstine Norbeck
Tom and Joan Norris
Fred H.* and Leah Thorpe Page
Frances A. Paxton* 
John J. Pearson*
Ronald Perry, Esq.
Mr. Jim Plessinger
John M. and Maria A. Polli
Robert W. and Donna J. Pullo
W. Scott and Brenda S. Rhinehart
Mr. and Mrs. Steven G. Ricklefs
Alvin A. Rider*
Dave and Kris Rieth
Ray Rife
Joanne P. Riley
John and Rebecca Rinehart
Margaret A. Rohler*
Dr. and Mrs. Gilmore Rothrock
W.F.O. and Elinor Rosenmiller III
Michael and Judy Rutter
Charles W. Sawmiller*
Mr. G. Edward Saxe
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Schaffer 
Mont* and Cheryl Shaull
Mr. and Mrs. H. John Shaw III
Grayce M. Shelly*
Grayce S. Shenberger
Phil* and Kay* Sheridan
George A. and Elizabeth M. Shorb
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Shorb 
Jim and Nancy Rae Sieling
William H. Simpson* 
Robert E.* and Mary S. Skold
John T. Smith*
Rick and Carol Smith
Eleanor Smyser*
Dorothy F. Stauffer*
S. Walter Stauffer*
Carolyn Eyster Steinhauser
Patti Stirk and Jeff Hines
Lydia Ann Stitt
Mary* and Paul Summers
Donald A. Swartz*
Meg and Bill* Swartz
Bryan K. Tate
John R. Taylor*
Todd and Delaine Toerper
C. William Trout*
Harriet R. Venus*
Mary Ellen Venus*
Ed and Sally Wagman
Joe and Susan Wagman
Rich and Carol Wagman
Kenneth M. Wallick Jr.
Dan and Trudy Waltersdorff
Floyd and Anne Warner
Barbara Warren
Mr. Haldeman S.* and Mrs. Ruth K* Wertz
Roland M.* and Lillian R.* Whitmire 
Raymond L. Wilhide Jr.*
Ann R. Williams*
Ralph Larry Williams*
Roy* and Margaret* Williams
Roger B. and Kathleen A. Wilson
Phyllis H. Wolf*
William T. and Cornelia W. Wolf
Susan Hantz Wolf* 
Jim* and Jane Zarfoss
Bill and Patty Zimmerman
John D. and Kathryn W.* Zimmerman
Henry A. Zumbrun*

York County Community Foundation

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