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York County Community Foundation builds and energizes a community of philanthropists that strengthens the common good. By bringing together diverse voices, we encourage collaboration among funders, businesses, and the public sector. Our initiatives and committees involve hundreds of volunteers who are all striving to create a vibrant York County. 
Strategic alliances among nonprofits is one Community Foundation effort to encourage collaboration and cooperation in York County. For example, a recent grant of $5,000 from the Fund for York County to Windy Hill Senior Center now allows Windy Hill to offer a wider variety of intergenerational programs to its residents as well as students in Spring Grove. The alliance between Windy Hill and the Spring Grove schools was natural: the School District was no loner using one of its buildings and Windy Hill wanted to upgrade its facility and location.
The alliance turned into a win-win for each group. The proximity of the center, now known as "Windy Hill on the Campus," provides a more amenable, flexible, and easy way for students and seniors to get together for intergenerational programming, including reading buddies, computer buddy tutoring, and a model train club.
Tammy Miller, executive director of Windy Hill, commented on how much fun and laughter the seniors were sharing at a recent program with 5th and 6th graders. She believes interacting with the students is a favorite time for them.
The kids came to the Center for the program with a bunch of questions for the seniors ranging from "What was school like for you?" to "What was dating like?" Their wide-eyed attentiveness as the 17 seniors shared their stories was proof that talking face-to-face is a wonderful way to develop an appreciation for others... and that the alliance between Windy Hill on the Campus and the Spring Grove schools is a geared for success.
Other Community Foundation efforts, such as high-impact initiatives - our long-term strategic priorities that will bring about positive community change - are selected through a careful process of fact-based research that allows us to assess critical community improvement needs. We then convene resources, participate in task forces, advocate for positions, and take the lead implementation role that will improve our community. 
Through these high-impact initiatives, we invest in grantmaking that will support and will cumulatively create the highest possible positive change in our community. Our high-impact areas currently are:  education, downtown revitalization, and aging

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