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York County Dollars for Scholars

Dollars for Scholars chapters and local school district education foundations reach out to meet the educational needs of students throughout York County. To apply for a scholarship, York County high school seniors should contact their High School Guidance Office as listed below.

Central York Dollars for Scholars 
Central York Guidance Office: 717-846-6789 ext. 1329 

Dallastown Area Dollars for Scholars 
Dallastown Area Guidance Office: 717-244-4021

Greater Dover Area Dollars for Scholars 
Dover Area Guidance Office: 717-292-8066 ext. 10403 

Eastern York Dollars for Scholars 
Eastern York Guidance Office: 717-252-1551 

Northeastern Dollars for Scholars 
Northeastern Guidance Office: 717-266-3644

Red Lion Area Educational Foundation 
Red Lion Area Guidance Office: 717-246-1611 ext. 6 

South Eastern Dollars for Scholars 
South Eastern York/Kennard Dale Guidance Office: 717-382-4871 ext. 1832 

South Western Dollars for Scholars 
South Western Guidance Office: 717-633-2548 ext. 21912 

Southern York Dollars for Scholars 
Southern York/Susquehannock Guidance Office: 717-235-4811 x4243 

Spring Grove Area Scholarship Foundation 
Spring Grove Area Guidance Office: 717-225-4731 ext. 7070 

West York Dollars for Scholars 
West York Guidance Office: 717-845-6634 

York City Dollars for Scholars 
York City/William Penn Guidance Office: 717-849-1218 ext. 1282  

York Suburban Dollars for Scholars 
York Suburban Guidance Office: 717-843-3881 

York County Community Foundation

14 West Market Street, York, PA 17401
717-848-3733 (York) | 717-630-1843 (Hanover) | 717-854-7231 (Fax) |
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