Our Donors

Whatever your passion may be, become part of a longstanding history of dedicated donors who have taken a thought, an instinct, a hope and turned it into something remarkable. Thank you to our current donors for your continued partnership and support, and we look forward to partnering with our new donors on this exciting journey.

Individual Donors

Donor Name
Stella Accardo and Jim Singleton
Kevin and Karen Adamson
Nancy Ahalt
Susan Allan and Family
Jane B. Allen
Mike and Lynn Stetler Allison
Mary Lou Alsentzer
Robert E. Ames
Carl E. Anderson
D. Reed Anderson
Janet M. Anderson
Malena Anderson
Anonymous Gift (12)
Ann Anstadt
Ursula Anstadt
Gregory and Amy Anstine
William B. Anstine Jr.
Josephine D. Appell
Louis J. Appell Jr.
Josephine and Louis J. Appell Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Steven Atlas and Family
Sara A. Austin
Darrell and Kathy Auterson
Patricia S. Azriel
Kerri Bacha
Jane Bailey
John W. Bailey
Helen Baker
Jeffery L. and Connie A. Baker
Rebecca B. Baker
William R. Baker
Bruce C. Bankenstein
Bruce Bartels and Romana Li
Michael and Elizabeth Barton
Emily Bates and Brad Rehnberg
David and Peggy Baum
Charles and Virginia Beaverson
George and Monique Beck
Brian and Jennifer Becker
Dianna Benaknin
Kathryn E. Bentz
Ms. Leslie Bentz
Fred F. Bergdoll Jr.
James and Judi Bergdoll
Rob and Katherine Berkebile
Wayne and Cynthia Berkheimer
Doug and Kristin Berman
Richard and Sharon Beshore
Don and Margie Black
Jennifer Blackford
Denise Blackwell
Cynthia Blake Costello
Peter and Peggy Blake
Scott Blake
Albert and Eleni Blakey
Judith V. Blakey
Timothy and Jo Marie Bliss
Gerald and Barbara Block
Dr. and Mrs. Ned C. Blymire
Dan and Debby Boarman
James and Donna Bodino
Cathy A. Bollinger
Christopher and Mary Ellen Bongart
Crystal Bossert
Rob Bowen
Michael and Leslie Bowman
Layla A. Boyce
Robert H. and Barbara E. Boyer
Dr. and Mrs. James M. Boyle III
John and Christie Bracher
Carole L. Bradfield
Seth and Kelly Bray
Steven and Jennie-Corinne Brenenborg
Matthew Brenner
Thomas and Nancy Brenner
Karyn Brooks
David and Mary Brown
Lorraine L. Brown
Richard H. Brown
Jessica Brubaker
Patrick and Jessica Brubaker
Meg and Peter Brubaker
Mr. and Mrs. Klaus D. Brunnengraeber
Adam Bryner
Doris L. Bubb
Betsy Buckingham
Katherine K. Bulette
Katherine K. and Warren C. Bulette
Robert P. Buonora
Frances A. Bupp
Timothy and Rochelle Bupp
Peter and Janis Burke
J. Donald and Marla K. Butcher
Francine Camitta Butler
Leon Butler
Lucy Buxton
Eugene C. Byers
Susan Byrnes
Tonia D. Calabretta
Ms. Frances W. Callahan
Frederick and Aralene Callahan
Keith and Lindsay Campbell
Anthony P. Campisi
Tony and Stef Campisi
Charles and Virginia Cannon
Joshua and Holly Carney
Elizabeth and Richard Carson
Brandon Carter
Dwayne C. Carter
Fredrick and Nancy Carter
Erin Casey
Joseph and Sharon Cervenak
Sarah E. Chain
Amy Chamberlin
Dean and Jan Cheesebrough
Annemarie Chilton
Thomas and Henrietta Chilton
Charles and Mary Chodroff
Henry Christ
Steven and Salynda Chronister
Helen Chupko
Joseph and Ann Clark
Lucreta Z. Clark
Robert Clofine
Jay and Connie Coffman
Daniel and Jo Ann Coller
Ms. Natalee Colon
David R. Confer and Susan D. Krebs
Victoria Connor
Jane Conover and Steven Izzo
Maria Musti Cook
Michael and Sharon Cooper
Janet Cornwell
Laura Coy
George Cramer Jr.
Jeane C. Crawmer
Rebecca Creelman
Richard E. Crone
Jeanette Crook
Janet Crovatto
Nelda Crump
William and Constance Cullison
Alan and Lisa Czyzewicz
Leigh Dalton
Lynne M. Danyo
Krista and Michael Darr
George Daugherty
Linda and Dave Davidson
Linda B. Davidson
Jane G. Davis
Greg and Denise Dawson
John and Helen Deitch
Dominic DelliCarpini Ph.D.
Jane and Donald B. Dellinger Jr.
Woodrow S. Dellinger Jr.
Brian Delp
James and Deanna Denniston
Joseph and Nancy Depippo
JoAnn DeRose
Sharon D. Dettenrieder
Bill and Dorothy Devitt
Dorothy Devitt
Ron and Susan DiAngelo
Ms. Julie Dietz Wheeler
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Dittenhaffer
Josephine and Robert Dix
Sally J. Dixon
Robert and Dianne Dlouhy
David and Lori Dolan
Donald and Elaine Doll
Dean and Patricia Dominick
Thomas and Adele Donnelly
Wanda L. Dorm
Kathleen Dott
Anne Dougherty
John and Carole (Rawlson) Doweary
Richard G. and Jane E.* Draude
John and Mary Lou Dressel
Amanda Snoke Dubbs
Laura M. Duffy
George M. Dvoryak
Alex Dwyer
Paul and Stephanie Dydek
Elaine E. Dye
Jennifer and John Eiben
Chloe R. Eichelberger
Forry and Barbara Eisenhart
Robert E. Elicker
Joyce and Bertram Elsner
Douglas and Brenda Eshelman
Chris and Jacqueline Evans and Family
Karen G. Evans
William M. Eyster II
Carolyn A. Fahs
Allen Fassett
Christy Fawcett
Terry and Marcia Feehan
Meagan H. Feeser
Charlie and Linda Fenton
Barbara P. Fetterman
Scott and Ann Fetterman
Gregg Fetterman
Amie Ficacci
John L. and Virginia M. Finlayson
Jean A. Fix
Teresa and Fred Fogelman
Leah Ford
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Fordney, Jr.
S. Walter and Patricia Foulkrod III
Randy Freedman
Gordon and Ellen Freireich
Jeanne and Joe Frick
Mary Louise Frick
Dante and Annette Fuligni
Carolyn and Wes Gabriel
Jim and Sherry Gant
Molly Gard
Jeffrey A. Gay and Pamela L. Gay
Jennifer J. Geesey
George A. Gembe
Baron and Lydia Gemmer
Detlef and Joanne Gerlach
Joanne Gerlach
Richard T. Giblin
Kelley Gibson
Carolyn and Willliam Gierasch Jr.
Jerry L. Gingerich
Rita A. Girondi
Daryl and Jane Girton
John and Sally Gladfelter
William L. Glatfelter III
Jim and Karen Gleba
Sara L. Glines Kirkpatrick
Judith N. Glorioso
Michael Glusco and Julie Fritz
Henry and Janet Gonzalez
Daniel and Penny Gordon
Buzz and Sue Gordon
Robert Gordon
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Gorte
Michael and Judy Goss
Dorothy Grabowski
James and Christina Green
Allan and Diana Greene
Mr. and Mrs. Rees Griffiths
James and Carol Groff
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Groft
Larry and Kristine Gross
Randall and Laura Gross
Mary Ann Grothe
Tim Grumbacher
Michael and Melanie Hady
Janet L. Hale
Charlotte R. Halpin
Jane E. Hamme
Robert M. Hammerlee
Joshua Hankey
Jody, Lori, Ben, Grace and Sarah Hanks
Carin Hart
Esther Harte
Bill and Reenie Hartman
Joseph F. Hasenfuss
Michael and Katherine Haun
Colin Heap
Michael C. Heidler
Dorian Heim
Christine M. Heine
Kelly and Glenn Heisey
Jerry and Gladys Heist
John and Suzanne Hellyer
James M. Henderson, Jr.
John and Janice Herrold
Jason L. Herrold
Brandon P. Hershey and Steven P. Cottrill
Diane K. Hershey
Ronald L. Hershner
Shirley A. Hess
Diantha L. Hetrick
Ronald and Polly Hill
Richard and Helen Hodgson
William and Emily Anne Holly
Eric B. Holmes
Anne and Benjamin A. Hoover II, MD
Margie Epstein and Kenneth Horn
Susan Horne
Anita Hostler
Ray and Lorraine Hovis
Steven and Carol Hovis
Kim and Priscilla Howard
Terry and Esther Huber
Gordon and Donna Huckenberry
Terry Hudock
Jim and Kandace Huggins
Doris and Jim Hughes
Brian, Jennenne, Aleya and Ian Hunnell
Virginia M. Hunnell
Angela Y. Huyghue
Dr. and Mrs. Mark A. Illfelder
Bob and Cindy Innerst
Frank and Susan Irving III
Darnell Jackson
Aaron Jacobs
Kenneth and Margaret Jelonek
Dr. and Mrs. Dennis Johnson
Ellen Johnson
Rosemary E. Johnson
Wendy Johnson
Barbara W. Johnston
Dale M. Jolley
David A. Jones
Dawn Jones
Donna B. Jones
Leslie and Jill Jones
Ms. Patrice A. Joseph
Richard and Karen Julian
Barry and Susanne Julius
Andrew F. Kagen
Chavi Kahan
J. Robert and Carolanne Katherman
Elaine Kauffman
Erika Kauffman
Jack Kay
Betsy Keefer
Emma L. Keeney
Horace Keesey III
Jake and Jody Keller
Ann Kemper
David E. and Beverly A. Kennedy
Tom Kern, Bill Kern and Susan Paiva
Laura Kerr
C. Aileen Ketterman
Jeffrey and Karen Kibler
Marna and Billy Kiick
Joan and Steve Kime
Mary Jane Kinard and Carol Miller
Michael W. King and Jane H. Schussler
Timothy and Anne Kinsley
Anne W. Kinsley
Ronald and Linda Klimes
Dr. and Mrs. Jack Kline
Roger and Shirley Kline
Sue Ann Kline
Carl E. Klinedinst
Vicki M. Klinedinst
Peter and Deborah Klotz
Barbara Kmetz
Stuart and Cindi Knade
Steve and Cindy Knaub
Jeffrey and Judy Kochenour
Jack and Lisa Koontz
Michelle L. Kostelac
Susan D. Krebs
Gail and Chuck Kreutz
Kurt and Susan Krieger
John and Polly Krout
Jim and Gina Kruper
Stephanie Kucinskas
Julia Kuipers
Dennis Kunkle and Julie Kemper-Kunkle
Michael and Kathleen Kupchinsky
Hugh and Marie Kutz
Daniel Labram
Steven W. Lady and Sharon D. Smith
Lois R. Lam
Carmen E. Lambert
Jane E. Landis
Mark and Vivian Lando
Karen Braun Lanpher
Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Laucks II
Angela Lauer
Evelyn M. Lauer
Gary and Kathy Lauer
Shelli Laux
Dean and Joyce Leader
Harold and Mary Lease
Dr. and Mrs. James A. Lease
Carol Leathery
Stanton and E. Jane Lebouitz M.D.
Robert and Marilyn Lefelar
Armistead Leigh
John R. and Pamela A. Leonard
Lise Levin
Carol Levinbook
Charles Levine
James C. and Darla A. Liddle
Barbara C. Linder
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Linsey
Jeffrey and Jacqueline Linsey
Patrick Lipka
Sally A. Little
Jeff and Cindy Lobach
The Lohr Family
Bambi Long
William and Kathy Long
John and Loretta Looney
Jolie Loring
Thomas and Carol Loucks
Angela S. Lutz, DMD
Joanne Lyter
Shelva J. and Richard* Mains Sr.
Marian B. Malone
Lynne Manchester
Rocco and Kelly Manno
Barry W. and Betty L. March
Dick and Phyllis March
Clair and Carlene Markey
Genevieve Martin
Kellie and Kimberly Matthews
Thomas and Susan Matthews
Holly A. Mayer
Frances W. McCabe
Mark D. McCauley
Vera B. McCauley
Suzanne and Vance McConkey
Therese McConville
Carol and George McGee
J. Ross and Norma McGinnis
Benjamin A. McGlaughlin
Kevin and Denise McGovern
Charles L. and Kim M. McGowan
Joseph M. McGrath
Michele T. McKinney
G. Steven and Linda W. McKonly
Joseph J. McManus and Karen H. Shelton
Daniel G. Meckley III
Shaun Meighen
Joel and Lara Menchey
Kendall Menzer
Darren Miller
Edmund* and Esther Miller
Glenn and Carol Miller
Katherine D. and DeWolfe H. Miller, Jr.
Patricia Miller
Paul and Elaine Miller
Amy, Craig, Andy and Rachel Milsten
Petra Minkin
Paul and Donna Minnich
Tom and Louise Minnich
Dr. and Mrs. Carroll L. Missimer
Michael and Lorraine Mitrick
Gail, Marlee and Andrew Moley
William L. Moncuse
Dr. and Mrs. John S. Monk
Caroline Morris
Kay and Scot Morris
William T. Morris
Jim and April Mosebrook
Edward and Nancy Motter
Fred L. Motter Jr.
Susanne M. Motter
Trudy Motter
J. Ronald and Donna Mumma
Joan J. Mummert
Charles J. Murphy
Donald T. Murphy Jr.
Paul and Amy Murray
Darrell and Susan Myers
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Myers
Wes Myers and Family
Harry and Michelle Naill
Mike and Roberta Navecky
Susie Neupauer
Dale and Connie Newcomer
Robert and Lynn Newcomer
Christopher and Lorene Newman
Eloise Newsome
Michael and Eloise Newsome
Terry and Stacey Nicozisis
Barbara Nixon
Henry and Barbara Nixon
Allen and Bernadette Nussbaum
Dennis O'Connor
William J. O'Leary III
Mary Ott
Creston F. Ottemiller Jr.*
Anthony Pacini
Dr. and Mrs. Frank Paolantonio
Lisa Parasky
Dante and Brenda Parrini
Craig Pate
Sara Lee Patz
John P. Paulich
Thomas and Cathy Pendergast
Deloris A. Penn
Don W. Peterson
Sarah Petrosky
Kelli Peyton and friends, coaches and
teammates at CYA
Kolette and Brandon Piasecki
John and Beth Picking
Rob and Kathy Plata
Dr. and Mrs. David N. Plessett
Daniel and Wanda Poehler
Donald and Louise Poet
Frances M. Polk
John M. and Maria A. Polli
Elyse Pollick
Kris Pollick
Keenan W. Preston
Donna J. Pullo
Robert W. and Donna J. Pullo
Grace T. Quartey
Michael and Faye Quigley
Linda J. Ranker-Allen
Bob and Susan Rathmann
Genevieve H. Ray
Christopher M. Reber
Charles M. Reilly M.D.
Helen L. Renner Ph.D.
Jack and Pat Richards
John and Rebecca Rinehart
Rebecca Rinehart
Deborah L. Ritter-Grant and Leafos Grant
Dr. Neil A. Robertson, DMD
Judith D. Rodney
Alfred J. Rogers Jr.
Scott and Bernadette Rogers
Fred Rosenmiller
Peggy and Bud Rubin
Margaret C. Rubin
Sue Ruby
Joe and Marie Rude and Friends
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Rudisill
Lori and Paul Rudy III
Teresa Runkle
Deborah Ruppert
Thomas Russell
Paul and Edna Ruth
Debbie L. Rutter
Michael and Judy Rutter
John K. Sanstead and Penny Blackwell
Mr. and Mrs. Saurman
Linton and Beverly Saurman
Gerald L. Savitz
G. Edward Saxe
David and Donna Schankweiler
Jarrod and Jessica Schiding
Naomi Schiding
Mark and Ruby Schmidt
Ronald and Yvonne Schrum
Jane H. Schussler
Kathy Scott
William and Susan Scott
Mr. and Mrs. Lon A. Seidenstricker
Barbara A. Seiple
Kimberly S. Seitz
Leah Seitz
Thomas Senft
John and Joan Seville
Lynne Seymour
Frank and Carolyn Shaffer
Richard and Barbara Shannon
Ryan and Courtney Shannon
Norma Shermeyer
Doris and Bert Shewell
Michelle and Bill Shipley III
Trevin Shirey
John and Katherine Shorb
Richard S. Shue
Roger and Tara Shultz
The Sicuranza Family
Scott A Sides
David and Joan Simmons
Debra K. Simon
Judy Simpson
Robert L. Simpson
Judy Simpson
Douglas Siple
Alice Sloan
Mark and Cynthia Slobodian
Patricia Smallwood
Anita K. Smith
Elizabeth G. Smith
Laura L. Smith
Mike and Karen Smith
Thomas L. Smith
Condoda D. Smith-Boyle
Shirlee J. Smolin
Michael and Marcia Smyser
Alan and Amy Snook
Gregg and Linnie Snyder
Harry E. Snyder Jr.
Scott and Sherri Snyder
Steve E. Snyder
Matthew A. Sommer and Rebecca R. Sanstead
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie Spagnola
John and Marianne Nevin Spangler
Alyce and Morton Spector
Carolyn Spencer
Carol L. St. George
Joyce A. Stager
Sarah Bolton Stahl
Clair and Shirley Starner
Todd and Beth Staub
David and Joan Stauffer
Joan F. Stauffer
Bonnie Stecker
Jack and Peggy Steich
Joyce and Charles A. Stein III
Carolyn Eyster Steinhauser
Dennis and Karen Sterner
Isabel Stetler*
Diane H. Stetler
Robert and Terri Stetler
Shona L. Stevens
James and Lynn Stickler
Rebecca Stickler
Theresa Stickler
Janet E. Stine
Patti S. Stirk
Arden and Ralph Stoermer III
Sharon Stottlemyer
James and Cynthia Stouch
Joseph and Diane Strobeck
Brian Strong and Andrea Marceca Strong
Shirley Sturtz-Davis
Mark and Grace Sullivan
Kelly and William H. Swartz III
Margaret Z. Swartz
Paul K. Swemley
Bette J. Swensen
John J. Sygielski
Mark and Judi Taddonio
Jennifer Tansey
Bryan K. Tate
Richard P. Tawney
Barbara Y. Thomas
Heather Thomas
Lulu L. Thomas
Jolene W. Tolbert
Rebecca Tortorici
Diane and Eric Traup
Dannielle Ulmer
Len and Nikki Vadas
Kristen Ventre
Brenda Vizzi
Jean Vnenchak and Richard Gurner
David Wagenknecht
Carol Wagman
Richard E. & Carol D. Wagman
Joe and Susan Wagman
Bruce and Patricia Wallace
Dan and Trudy Waltersdorff
Donna and Ted Ware
Justine Warfield
Floyd and Anne Warner
Linda Warschoff
Bruce and Barbara Watson
Brian and Claire Weaver
John Weeldreyer
Doug Fireside and Laura Weeldreyer
Elliott and Susan Weinstein
Eleanor E. Weisser
Marge Welsh
Nancy M. Wentz
Thomas and Margaret Whelahan
M. B. Whisler
Metza Y. Whiteley
James and Barbara Wild
Dennis E.* and Karen Willman
Philip D. Winand
Joel and Lisa Winer
Mary Anne Winkelman
Anthony and Linda Winter
John U. and Charlotte S. Wisotzkey
Karen E. Wix
Coni Wolf
Cornelia W. Wolf
Frances D. Wolf
William T. and Cornelia W. Wolf
Pearl A. Wolfinger
Jefrey R. Woodall
Rose Marie Woodyard
William and Kimberly Yanavitch II
Bette Yanky
Sally Yelland Ehrhart and Sidney Ehrhart
Frank and Debra Young
Trish Young
Geoff and Kimberly Zech
Sue Zeigler
Thomas and Lisa Zeigler
John D. Zimmerman

Gifts Made in Memory of

Special Person
Charles L. Crouse, Jr.
Samuel W. Deisher, M.D.
Angela N. Dobrinoff-Blake
Garnedia Doll
Dr. Vincent Kehm
Paul H. Keiser
Henry B. Leader
Marguerite McKnight
Paul Millrod
Barbara Platts
Harlan Stetler
Rev. Donald Warner
Robert Wherley

In-Kind Contributions

Kate Hufnagel
James and Gina Kruper
Party Belles
David Smith and Steve Billet
Sunrise Soap
Working Class York
Yohn Property Management
York Container Company
York County Estate Planning Council
York County Heritage Trust
Yorktowne Hotel

Estate Gifts

Donor Name
Estate of Richard L. Beck
Estate of Michael Alan Bose
Estate of Barbara F. Appell
Bernard and Doris Gordon*
Estate of Catherine Halsted
Henry and Dorrie Leader*
Estate of Doris Schwartz
Estate of John T. Smith
Estate of Donald A. Swartz

Corporations, Institutions and Nonprofits

Donor Name
Advent Lutheran Church
Amazon Smile Reward Program
Barton Associates, Inc.
F. W. Behler, Inc.
Boustead Family Foundation
W. Dale Brougher Foundation
Journal Publications Inc./Central Penn
Business Journal
Central Pennsylvania Leadership Seminar
Chicago Title Insurance Company
Creative York
Delany, Siegel, Zorn and Associates, Inc.
Dixon Golf, Inc.
Emmanuel United Church of Christ
Fred C. Faye II Charitable Fund
Flying Feet Sport Shoes
The Foundation for the West York Area School District, Inc.
Friends of Red Land Community Library
Fulton Bank, Drovers Division
Fund Evaluation Group, LLC
Gavin Communications, LLC
GE Foundation
George and Beverly Glatfelter Family Donor
Advised Fund of The Philadelphia Foundation
Glatfelter Insurance Group
Glatfelter Memorial Library
Doris F. Gordon* Charitable Lead Trust
The Graham Foundation
Greater Dover Area Dollars For Scholars, Inc.
Historic Prospect Hill Cemetery Heritage Foundation
The Hodges Family Foundation
Katherman, Briggs & Greenberg, LLP
The Kinsley Foundation
Earl and Winifred Knudsen Charitable Trust
Leave A Legacy York County
Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroad Preservation Society
Marvic Supply Company, Inc.
Mason Investment Advisory Services, Inc.
Motter Foundation Fund
Mount Zion Lutheran Church
Mt. Zion United Church of Christ
MVA Enterprises, LLC - dba Handel's Ice Cream
National Association of Area Agencies on Aging
Network for Good
New Standard Corp.
Northeastern Foundation
Northern York County Historical and Preservation Society, Inc.
NRG Energy, Inc.
Out Door Country Club
Patrick Organization
Penn Waste, Inc.
Penn-Air & Hydraulics
Pennsylvania School Boards Association, Inc.
PeoplesBank, A Codorus Valley Company
PNC Financial Services Group
Powder Mill Foundation
Quigley Motor Co., Inc.
Reinsel Kuntz Lesher LLP
The Cava Team
River Rock Academy
Rotary Club of York
Shipley Family Foundation
Shipley Group
Southern York County School District Foundation
Spoutwood Farm Center
Spring Garden Band
Spring Grove Area Education Fund
Spring Grove Area Scholarship Fund, Inc.
Stock & Leader, LLP
Susquehanna Heritage Corporation
George and Dianne Thornton Private Foundation
United Way of York County
Utz Quality Foods, Inc.
Village Realty
G.A. and F.C. Wagman, Inc.
Airie Knipel, Harry V. and J. William
Warehime Foundation
Weaver Eye Associates, LLC
WellSpan Health
Wertz Family Charitable Trust
White Rose Chapter No. 360 Order of the Eastern Star
The Wolf Foundation
Wolf Inaugural Committee
The Wolf Organization, Inc.
York City Dollars For Scholars
York College of Pennsylvania
York County 4 H Development Council
York County 4-H Endowment
York County Bar Foundation
York County Council of Churches
York County Dental Society
York County Honors Choirs
York Revolution
York Suburban Dollars For Scholars
York Suburban Education Foundation
York Symphony Orchestra
York Youth Symphony Orchestra
York-Adams Bowling Association
Yorkshire United Methodist Senior Choir