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Our Donors

Whatever your passion may be, become part of a longstanding history of dedicated donors who have taken a thought, an instinct, a hope and turned it into something remarkable. Thank you to our current donors for your continued partnership and support, and we look forward to partnering with our new donors on this exciting journey.

Individual Donors

Megan T. Achtzehn
Nicholas Agapis
Nancy Ahalt
Nina Aimable
Randy Albright
Donna M. Alcorn
Derek and Wilda Alessi
Mary Lou Alsentzer
Anonymous Gift (22)
Gregory and Amy Anstine
Sanfra and William Anstine Jr.
William B. Anstine Jr.
Louis J. Appell Jr.*
Helen F. Appell II
Josephine D. Appell
Josephine and Louis J. Appell Jr.*
Liborio G. Arcuri
Suzy Atkins
Sara A. Austin
Patricia S. Azriel
Debbie L. Bailey
John W. Bailey
Rebecca B. Baker
Simona Balzer
Yesenia Bane
Michael A. Barbetti
Bruce Bartels and Romana Li
Joan B. Beekey
Chad and Christy Behm
Kathryn E. Bentz
James and Judi Bergdoll
Rob and Katherine Berkebile
Richard Bidgood
Penny Blackwell
Kurt A. Blake
Judith V. Blakey
Cathy A. Bollinger
Christopher and Mary Ellen Bongart
Krystal L. Bonner
Rob Bowen
Carole L. Bradfield
Sean and Mary Elizabeth Brennan
Matthew Brenner
Thomas and Nancy Brenner
Mark E. Broomell
David and Mary Brown
Jessica Brubaker
Meg and Peter Brubaker
Katherine K. Bulette
Timothy and Rochelle Bupp
Damian and Stacia Burnside
J. Donald and Marla K. Butcher
Francine Camitta Butler
Leon Butler
Eugene C. Byers
Randy and Susan Byrnes
Frederick and Aralene Callahan
Michael E. Campbell
Tony and Stef Campisi
Charles J. Campisi
Ralph and Wendy Carfagno
Greg and Marjorie Carkhuff
Joshua Carney
Joshua and Holly Carney
Elizabeth and Richard Carson
Brandon Carter
William and Ann Carter
Erin Casey
Denise R. Cassano
Joseph and Sharon Cervenak
Sarah E. Chain
Amy Chamberlin
Cherry Charles
Ione Chock
Charles and Mary Chodroff
Henry J. Christ
Joseph and Ann Clark
Natalee Colon
Jennifer and Regina Concino
Victoria Connor
Jane Conover
Jane Conover and Steven Izzo
Mary Conrad
Susan Preston Conrad
Joel Conway
Maria Musti Cook
Cassandra Corcoran
Diane Cornthwaite
Elena Cross
Janet Crovatto
Donald and Lois Crumbling
William and Constance Cullison
John and Diane Cummings
Cathy E. Dallmeyer
Allan Dameshek
Nicole and Bill Dannehl
William C. Danowski Jr
Lynne M. Danyo
Krista and Michael Darr
Linda and Dave Davidson
Linda B. Davidson
Garry and Evelyn Dearborn
The Deardorff Family
John and Helen Deitch
Brenda Deiter
Richard A. Delgaudio
Dominic DelliCarpini Ph.D.
Michael X. DelliCarpini
Jane and Donald B. Dellinger Jr.
Woodrow S. Dellinger Jr.
Danielle Devine
Douglas W. Devine
Albert and Helen Diehl
Margaret M. Dietz
Kevin A. Dillon
Marie A. DiMarino
Madeline Dipangrazio
Marcus Dixon
Dennis and Kathleen Dobbie
David and Lori Dolan
Dean and Patricia Dominick
Thomas and Adele Donnelly
George M. Dvoryak
Alex Dwyer
Elaine E. Dye
Jennifer and John Eiben
Chloe R. Eichelberger
Forry and Barbara Eisenhart
Douglas and Brenda Eshelman
Karen G. Evans
Debra L. Failor
Christy Fawcett
Daniel G. Findle
John L. and Virginia M. Finlayson
Derrick and Kelly Fleming
William H. Fordney, Jr.
S. Walter and Patricia Foulkrod III
Christopher J. Fox
Warren and Susan Foxworth
Bruce and Sharon Frantz
Howard and Randy Freedman
Randy Freedman
Gordon and Ellen Freireich
Jeanne and Joe Frick
Mary Louise Frick
Robert and Lisa Fritz
Dante and Annette Fuligni
The Full Family
Jeffrey A. Gay and Pamela L. Gay
Jennifer J. Geesey
Joanne Gerlach
Leon W. Gibble
Richard T. Giblin
Alexandra J. Gibo
Kelley Gibson
Steve and Shannon Gierasch
Paul J. Gitnik
John and Sally Gladfelter
William L. Glatfelter III
Jim and Karen Gleba
Karen Gleba
Sara L. Glines Kirkpatrick
William F. Goodling
Daniel and Penny Gordon
Judith A. Gorman and Libby Gorman Diercks
Peggy Greene
Eleanor Gross
Larry and Kristine Gross
Randall and Laura Gross
Steven Gross
Tim Grumbacher
Tim Grumbacher and Debbie Simon
Joseph M. Haas
Michael and Melanie Hady
Janet L. Hale
Joshua Hankey
Harry W. Harman III
Bill and Reenie Hartman
Richard E. Hartman
Robert and Gail Hartsough
Michael and Katherine Haun
Ken and Judy Heaps
Catherine Heck
Michael C. Heidler
Dorian Heim
Curtis Henning
John and Janice Herrold
Diane K. Hershey
Ronald L. Hershner
George W. and Martha Z. Hodges
Dale and Gail Hoke
William and Emily Anne Holly
Earl E. Holmes Jr
Anne and Benjamin A. Hoover II, MD
Ray and Lorraine Hovis
Steven and Carol Hovis
Carol Hovis
Terry Hudock
George W. W. Hummel Family
Douglas Hunger
Scott Hynd
Christine Innerst Webby
Mary P. Isenhour
James R. Jackson
Diane J. Jacobs
Kenneth and Margaret Jelonek
Mike and Ellen Johnson
Rosemary E. Johnson
Barbara W. Johnston
Mark Johnston
Leslie and Jill Jones
Michael and Donna Jones
Jack Kay
Betsy Keefer
Horace Keesey III
Elizabeth V. Keller
Fran Keller
Dennis and Constance Kelly
David E. Kennedy
Obra S. Kernodle IV
Laura Kerr
Jeffrey and Karen Kibler
Timothy and Anne Kinsley
Anne W. Kinsley
Ronald and Linda Klimes
Sue Ann Kline
Vicki Klinedinst
David K. Klucher
Donald and Stephanie Knaub
Ruth E. Kober
Amy S. Kostoff
Susan D. Krebs
Loren H. and Faye W. Kroh
John and Polly Krout
Jim and Gina Kruper
Jacqueline A. Kubala
Dennis Kunkle and Julie Kemper-Kunkle
Michael and Kathleen Kupchinsky
John and Donna LaCesa
Jane E. Landis
Linda J. Larsen
Michael and Susan Lau
Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Laucks II
Angela Lauer
Charlotte V. Lawyer
Stanton and E. Jane Lebouitz M.D.
John R. and Pamela A. Leonard
John and Kara Les
Kathy Levey
Lise Levin
Charles Levine
Anthony Lewis
Andre and Laurie Lijoi
Barbara C. Linder
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Linsey
Patrick Lipka
Jan and Alan Little
Dr. and Mrs. Gus J. Livaditis
Jeff and Cindy Lobach
Bambi Long
Lauren Loran
Susanne M. Lupinetti
Peter and Margaret Lutz
Mary MacFarland
Lynne Manchester
Dick and Phyllis March
Michelle Martel
David B. Martens
Genevieve Martin
Kellie and Kimberly Matthews
Holly A. Mayer
Laura McCauley
Mark D. McCauley
Suzanne and Vance McConkey
Therese McConville
Dorothy R. McDonald
Caitlin McElfatrick
Robin McElfatrick
Joseph and Deborah McGovern
Charles L. and Kim M. McGowan
Joseph M. McGrath
Thomas and Judy McKee
Michele T. McKinney
G. Steven and Linda W. McKonly
R.S. and D.A. McNamara
Denise A. Melans
Elizabeth Melena
Joel and Lara Menchey
Kendall and Eric Menzer
Jeffrey and Jean Merritt
Esther J. Miller
Glenn and Carol Miller
David J. Milletics
Paul Minnich
Paul and Donna Minnich
Skip and Linda Missimer
Michael and Lorraine Mitrick
Gladys A. Montgomery
Nance H. Montgomery
Barry and Ryan Moore Families
Michael Washburn
Jim and April Mosebrook
John and Sharon Mosser
Kevin H. Mosser
Edward and Nancy Motter
Susanne M. Motter
Joan J. Mummert
Mick and Rhonda Murphy
Kervin R. and Kathy S. Myer
Ronald and Shelby Ness
Susie Neupauer
Robert and Lynn Newcomer
Michael and Eloise Newsome
Tom and Joan Norris
Fred Noye
Rocco A. Ortenzio
Mary Ott
Hugh and Linda Palmer
Edwin Pashinski
Craig Pate
Ron and Becky Pearce
Thomas and Cathy Pendergast
Charles G. Petron*
Sarah Petrosky
Betsy H. Phillips
Ian and Kim Phillips
Dr. and Mrs. David N. Plessett
Frances M. Polk
Pam Pollack and Family
John M. and Maria A. Polli
Elyse Pollick
Kris Pollick
Donna Polychronos
Rita and Tom Potter
Keenan W. Preston
Rocco Pugliese
Donna J. Pullo
Seth and Grace Quartey
Michael and Deborah Quickel
Daniel and Marci Quinn
John Davis and Kathleen Raborn
Kathleen M. Rahilly
Nedia S. Ralston
Genevieve H. Ray
Charles M. Reilly M.D.
Helen L. Renner Ph.D.
Steven and Elizabeth Ricklefs
John and Rebecca Rinehart
Rebecca Rinehart
Katherine M. Roberts
Joel and Judy Rodney
Judith D. Rodney
Scott and Bernadette Rogers
Maria Royce
Peggy and Bud Rubin
Robert and Tina Rudisill
Lori and Paul Rudy III
Bard Rupp
Deborah Ruppert
Michael and Judy Rutter
Damian and Diane Salvi
John K. Sanstead and Penny Blackwell
Tom and Diane Sargeant
Gerald L. Savitz
G. Edward Saxe
Carol Saylor
Frances Saylor
John C. and Sue C. Schmidt
Peter W. Schnabel
Michael A. Schubert
The Sechrist Family
Rodney and Stephany Sechrist
Kimberly S. Seitz
Jack and Carole Shaffer
Barbara Shannon
Ryan and Courtney Shannon
Daniel and Lynne Sharp
Mont & Cheryl Shaull*
Catherine Shelly
Harvey and Sandra Shipton
John and Katherine Shorb
Debra K. Simon
Barbara A. Sindicich
James R. Singleton and Stella Accardo
Mary S. Skold
Bethany Slapinski
Loretta and Bruce Slaybaugh
Alice Sloan
Joann Sloan
Julie L. Slomski
Matt and Susan Smith
Milton and Theresa Smith
Shirlee J. Smolin
Michael and Jill Snell
Alan and Amy Snook
Carol Sockel
Ann and Michael Sopchak
Nancy Spagnola
Nick and Kathy Spagnola
Frederick S. Spangler
Sarah Bolton Stahl
Todd and Beth Staub
David and Joan Stauffer
Joan F. Stauffer
Jack and Peggy Steich
Carolyn Eyster Steinhauser
Dennis and Karen Sterner
Catherine D. Stetler
David and Louann Stetler, Daniel and Kathy Stetler, Fred and Nancy Stetler
Diane H. Stetler
Robert and Terri Stetler
Janet E. Stine
Patti S. Stirk
Thomas and Elizabeth Stone
James and Cynthia Stouch
Frances J. Stover
Michael R. Stover
Sandra L. Strickland
Michael and Laura Strine
Jere L. Strittmatter
Joseph and Diane Strobeck
Elaine Strokoff
Brian Strong and Andrea Marceca Strong
Karin Swartz
Margaret Z. Swartz
Melissa Sweitzer
Mark and Judi Taddonio
Jennifer Tansey
Bryan K. Tate
Jolene W. Tolbert
Mary K. Topper
James Troutman
Jacqueline and Neil Tucker
Murray Ufberg
Virginia L. Vasko*
Kristen Ventre
David Wagenknecht
Carol Wagman
Joe and Susan Wagman
Robert Wallis
Dan Waltersdorff
Terry and Becky Wampler
Justine Warfield
Jerry and Marie Watson
John and Flo Waybright
John and Rosemarie Westerman
Paula J. Wilcox
Karen Willman
Philip D. Winand
Joel and Lisa Winer
Mary Anne Winkelman
Susan S. Wise
John U. and Charlotte S. Wisotzkey
Karen E. Wix
Coni Wolf
Cornelia W. Wolf
Frances D. Wolf
Kathryn Wolf
Rose Marie Woodyard
Marilyn Wright
Bette Yanky
Suzanne Yanky
Elaine Yates
Philip R. Yates
Gregory Yawman
Mary Yeaple
Nancy and David Yohn
Patricia Young, Pamela Young, Randall and Tammy Young
Geoff and Kimberly Zech
LeeAnn Zeroth
John D. Zimmerman

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