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Community Leadership

Students from York City School District participate in a Communities in Schools Trunk or Treat event.

York County Community Foundation (YCCF) made an intentional decision in 2011 to add community leadership to our mission statement. The board of directors recognizes that, as a leading York County institution, YCCF has a responsibility to address root causes to community challenges to accelerate positive change. YCCF staff and volunteers diligently examine data and best practices and engage partners to develop meaningful solutions for lasting community improvement.

While YCCF practices leadership in all of its work, current initiatives include:

Quality of Life


Advocacy and support for high – quality public education for York City students

 Municipal Sustainability

Advocacy for structural changes that remove barriers to financial sustainability of York County’s municipalities

Economic Development

  • Convening leaders in economic development to identify synergies and strategic alignment to achieve prosperity for all
  • Unite tourism, cultural, and economic development partners to build a compelling York County brand

Age-friendly Communities

  • Creating communities that are a safe, welcoming, appropriate, and adaptable place to grow up and grow old
  • Improving attitudes around aging so that we can understand and care about the needs and perspectives of all ages

York County Community Foundation

14 West Market Street, York, PA 17401
717-848-3733 (York) | 717-630-1843 (Hanover) | 717-854-7231 (Fax) |
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