Online Application Instructions

New, Previously Saved, and Two Stage Applications

How to start a new application:

To begin a NEW application under the Community Foundation's online application program, click on the following link or go to the Community Foundation's website ( under the Grants & Scholarships Tab and select Start a New Application from the selection list.

  • Click on the "Start a new application" and you will be directed to the Community Foundations site, there you will pick the type of grant you are applying for: Strategic Community Grant or Preliminary Partnership Grant in addition to programs that appear throughout the year. Click the appropriate link and it will take you to this screen.

  • If you have already setup an account through the program, enter your email address and password in the boxes shown. Click on the "Log In" box and you will be taken directly to the application.

  • If you have never applied for a grant through the Community Foundation's online application program, click on NEW APPLICANT? to create a password link." You will be asked to setup a user name and password to establish an account in the program.  This will allow you to save a partially completed application for access later.  It will also grant you access to all previously submitted applications.

How to access a previously saved application.

All partially completed applications and previously submitted applications are retained in the program and are accessible through the "Access Previously Saved Applications" Link located in the list of selections on the right side of the screen on the Community Foundation's website under Grants & Scholarships tab.

  • After logging onto the program the following screen will appear. It will show a list of all "in progress" applications. In addition, by changing the "Show" drop down box to "Submitted Applications," a complete record of all applications submitted through the program is available. When completing an application it is important to use an easily identifiable project title. It will help you identify historical applications.

Two Stage Applications

Partnership grants and YorIt grants have a two-stage application process.

Preliminary Application: The first stage is accessed through a link on the "Start a New Application" page on the Community Foundation's website on the grants & scholarships page.  After review of the preliminary application, the Community Foundation will notify selected grantees who will be invited to submit additional information through a second stage application.

Final Application: To access the final grant application, go to the Foundation's website at and continue to the Grants & Scholarships tab. From the column on the left, select Access Previously Saved Applications. Sign into the program using your email address and password. A page will open summarizing all of your “in progress”  and “submitted” applications.

A link to the final application will appear about one third of the way down the this page, below the highlighted word “NEW”. Click on the link to the Finalist Application Form to begin your application. All information submitted in your preliminary application will populate into the second stage of your application.