White Rose Foundation Grant Opportunity

SUMMARY:  In 2009, the White Rose Foundation voted to move its endowment to the York County Community Foundation. The intent of the White Rose Foundation is to support projects that benefit York County children. The York Federal Fellows Advisory Council, comprised of graduates of the Fellows program, determines the grantmaking program each year and recommends grants. This grant is only available to current or former York Federal Fellows. 


GOAL OF 2014 GRANT PROGRAM:  Support a project that develops individual and community leadership among York County youth.


2014 AVAILABLE GRANT AMOUNT:              $4,600




  • Creative approaches to developing leadership skills in youth and/or involving youth in community problem-solving.
  • Collaboration among organizations.
  • New approaches or initiatives that enhance an existing program.
  • Projects that can be replicated/sustained/expanded/strengthened beyond the grant year.
  • Applicants who have received grants in the past can reapply.




  • June, 2014 - Invite proposals from York Federal Fellows and their agencies only. 
  • August 1, 2014 – Proposals due to the Community Foundation by 5 p.m. via online grant system.
  • Sepetmeber, 2014: Award announced.


  • Complete online grant application form and accompanying narrative (see narrative instructions below).  Grant application.
  • All applicant organizations must be nonprofit, 501 c 3 organizations with current registration by the Pennsylvania Bureau of Charitable Organizations or a school.
  • Questions regarding the grant proposal may be directed to Jane Conover, Vice President of Community Investment.
  • All applications must be approved by the Board of Directors of York County Community Foundation. Applicants will be notified of application status after the grant is approved.  




1. NARRATIVE – In no more than THREE pages, no smaller than 11 pt. font, please provide the following information:


Project Summary.  Briefly describe the project including the goal, objectives, what needs you are addressing and why it is important. 


Project Activities.  Describe key project activities along with a timeline for completion. (Projects are expected to be completed within one year of grant award).


Anticipated Results and Assessment.  List specific outcomes anticipated and the corresponding indicators of success for each anticipated outcome and how you will measure the results. (For example: Proposed Outcome: The project develops leadership skills among York County youth; Proposed Indicator: 95% of project participants demonstrate leadership.)

Capacity.  Describe previous experience with similar projects and the roles of staff, consultants, and/or volunteers providing project leadership to the project.


Collaborations.  Describe how you will collaborate with other organizations on this project and any past experience working together.




Itemize all anticipated project expenditures and sources of support for the project if any.  If requesting multiple year grants, please itemize budget for each year.


Budget Format Example:






Other Source

Name of other source

Received, Committed, Requested, To be requested


$10/mo. x

12 mo.




ABC org





Provide a copy of the applicant nonprofit Board of Directors membership list or school leadership team.


4. Copy of applicant organization’s IRS determination letter as evidence of 501(c) (3) tax status (this does not apply to government agencies or public school districts).


5. Copy of organization’s PA Department of State Bureau of Charitable Organizations certificate (this does not apply to government agencies or public school districts).


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